Elite Transit Solutions

Company Overview

ELITE Transit Solutions is a nationwide 3PL that has logistics experience at its roots and innovative technology built on top to automate the process of freight management.

Over the last couple of years, we have invested shrewdly in ELITE’s continuous growth and sustainability.  At the foundation of our success has been the development of technology — an innovative TMS and mobile app solution built with AI and machine learning — used to automate common processes in freight management. The addition of this technology allows for the removal of tedious busy work and minimization of mistakes so that our staff can focus on more productive relationships, such as carrier retention and personal shipper interactions.  We are also using the data being mined and collected from our rapidly-growing volume of shipments to provide real-time freight intelligence visibility to our clients, and to make better-educated decisions internally to improve service with more competitive pricing.  These pillars of ELITE's success — our industry expertise, rapid scalability, proactive approach to the industry, and forecasting capabilities — are what have allowed ELITE to grow into an industry leader

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